Fertility Center

Largest in Asia,
Future-oriented Integrated Premium Management
CHA University Fertility Center Bundang

The Fertility Center of the CHA Bundang Medical Center is reborn as the CHA University Fertility Center Bundang, the largest fertility center in Asia.

As the only fertility center in a university hospital, CHA University Fertility Center Bundang introduces multidisciplinary treatment in fertility to present a new paradigm in fertility treatment. The CHA University Fertility Center Bundang offers future-oriented premium management with integrated medical services, which add highly efficient psychological stabilization programs such as food therapy and meditation to high-tech fertility treatment.

Increasing pregnancy success rate with
the top fertility treatment team

One of the top medical teams in South Korea is assigned to fertility treatment. As a first-generation medical expert in fertility, Dr. Choi, Dong Hee is well known to have made more than 10,000 births possible. Director of fertility center, Dr. Kwon, Hwang has contributed to establish the 5-day cultivation method. Dr. Kim, Ji Hyang has inspired hope to subfertile women with thin endometrium with the new therapy called platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Dr. Park, Chan and Dr. Song, In Ok have joined these medical experts for treatment. The fertility medical laboratory has been expanded as a high-tech cell and genome center equipped with highly qualified researchers with at least 30 years of experience.

New paradigm in fertility treatment through multidisciplinary team care

CHA University Fertility Center Bundang introduces ‘multidisciplinary fertility treatment’ that involves medical specialists from different fields. Deterioration in reproductive functions, hypothyroidism, metabolic disease, immunity diseases, obesity, and depression are more complex than ever, due to late marriage and changes in life habits. According to a survey, 17.8% of subfertile women are accompanied by an underlying disease. To address this issue, the CHA University Fertility Center Bundang implements multidisciplinary fertility care with medical specialists in fertility, obstetrics, gynecologic cancer center, psychiatry, internal medicine, pediatrics, etc. to make medical decisions through mutual discussions. Medical specialists in each field focus on fertility leading to healthy birth through professional care.

Premium management incorporating 60-year-old fertility medical technologies of CHA Medical Center and 20-year-old integrated medical know-hows

CHA University Fertility Center Bundang offers future-oriented fertility care by integrating the fertility medical technologies of CHA Medical Center (accumulated for about 60 years) and incorporating eastern and western medicine and integrated medicine for about 20 years.

For about 60 years CHA Medical Center has been recognized for its high-quality technologies in fertility and gynecology. Starting from the foundation of CHA University and graduate school on alternative medicine about 20 years ago, the hospital utilizes its know-hows accumulated for about 20 years to offer a variety of mind control programs, including spa, meditation, and food therapy for nutritious balance. Also, the hospital builds a genetics center in the fertility center to prevent concerning hereditary disease and offer latest fertility treatment, such as PRP, immunotherapy, tocolytic, etc. to overcome repeated implantation failures and miscarriages and increase the success rate in pregnancy.

Magnificent and elegant space for therapy designed by the late Italian designer Mendini

CHA University Fertility Center Bundang has been transformed into the space decorated with the façade and graphics by late Alessandro Mendini, the renowned Italian designer, to offer a warm and embracing space to subfertile couples. The floral interior, warm colors and soft curves boost the elegance of the space for the psychological comfort of subfertile couples.

Connection to global fertility training centers to grow into a global mecca for fertility care

CHA Medical Center establishes the ‘global fertility training center’ based on its top-level accomplishments in fertility. It will specialize in education in fertility care as an educational hub with its know-hows in fertility with top medical teams and researchers in the world. CHA Medical Center will consistently advance its research in new fertility technologies to grow into the global mecca for fertility treatment.