CEO’s Message

"We are committed to becoming a global hospital that pioneers and
leads the advancement of the future medicine"

CHA Bundang Medical Center has grown into a leading hospital of CHA Medical Group,

which is the largest medical group in Korea that owns hospitals, schools, research centers and industries, for more than two decades since it opened in 1995.

CBMC has provided health care services
that make it stand out from others,

including introducing the state-of-the-art medical equipment and opening specialized centers, and as a result, it became the first hospital that received the Presidential Award at the Korean National Quality Management Convention. Thanks to such achievements, CBMC was designated as one of Korea Research-Driven Hospitals for two consecutive times and became JCI-accredited organization. Furthermore, it established the Cancer Research Center that pursues lifelong care for patients from prevention to follow-up management, going beyond cancer diagnosis and treatment, which enabled it to set up a medical environment up to the level of perfection.

The world is now experiencing an increase in the elderly population and intractable diseases,
and the advent of new medical technologies.

Against this backdrop, the current medical field requires competitiveness and competency in both patient care and research. CBMC is producing notable results in fighting intractable diseases through clinical researches utilizing stem cells, a strength of CHA Medical Group. Going further, we will take a leap forward and be at the forefront in the industrialization of cell treatment across the world by focusing researches more intensively on intractable nervous diseases (cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease, macular degeneration, stroke), infertility and frequent diseases of the next generation (cartilage injury, degenerative arthritis, cancer prevention and treatment and anti-aging).

We will also take the lead in the global medical market by providing a patient care system and specialized medical services that satisfy the global standards so that foreign patients can receive treatment without any difficulty.

Kim, Jae Hwa  M.D., Ph.D President & CEO