Code of Ethics

We, CHA Medical Center, recognize the dignity of human life and are committed to the Code below with love of
mankind and spirit of voluntarism.

  1. 01.We recognize medical care as our top priority and provide the best medical service to every patient.
  2. 02.We stay ready for any medical emergency all the time and protect our patients with love and devotion.
  3. 03.We closely cooperate with all staff harmoniously to create ethical atmosphere for medical treatment.
  4. 04.We contribute to medical advancement and improve patients' trust through continuous research, education and training.
  5. 05.We are committed to safety management such as infection prevention, fire control etc. by keeping our facilities clean and neat.
  6. 06.We uphold relevant laws and process all dealings in a fair and safe way.
  7. 07.We keep safe medical secret of our patients and respect their religious practices.
  8. 08.We cooperate with relevant organizations and groups to promote health care of locals.
  9. 09.We publicize our services in a rightful manner and do not slander other hospitals and steal their patients.
  10. 10.We maintain and improve our scientific and objective standards of service in terms of patient management, facilities & equipment and treatment activities.