Our Services

Emergency Services

  • For Adults CHA Bundang Medical Center 1F
    The Regional Emergency Medical Service Center
  • For Infants CHA Bundang Women's Medical Center 1F
    Pediatric Emergency Center

Submit a treatment request form

  • Registration for emergency room: Fill out a treatment request form and submit it to the reception desk
  • Preparations: Health insurance card, ID

Receive emergency service

  • A specialist doctor provides treatment in the emergency room.

Make payment at the Administration Team


Pick up your medication

  • Receive a prescription and pick up your medication in the in-hospital pharmacy.

Be Admitted to the hospital or return home

  • A patient room is assigned
  • Fill out the admission consent form (select an elective treatment)
  • Move to the ward
  • Enter the patient room
  • Be informed of the inpatient guide