Patients' rights


Rights to receive health care

Every patient has the right to receive appropriate health/medical care to protect and promote their health. Their rights to health shall not be infringed upon for the reasons of sex, age, religion, status, and financial situation, and healthcare providers may not deny medical care to a patient without a valid reason.

Rights to know and self-determination rights

Patients have the right to be fully explained by their doctor or nurse about the disease conditions, treatment methods, eligibility for clinical trials, possibility of organ transplant, expected results such as side effects, and medical fees and to ask for detailed information. With this regard, patients have the right to decide whether to give their consent.

Rights to confidentiality

The confidentiality of the patient’s physical and health information related to medical care and privacy shall not be infringed upon. Healthcare providers and medical institutions shall not release the patient’s information without prior consent from the patient or unless required by law for such reasons as criminal investigation.

Rights to requesting consultation and arbitration

Patients have the right to apply for consultation and arbitration in an event of conflict concerning healthcare services.

Patients' responsibility

Responsibility to trust and respect healthcare providers

Patients have the responsibility to inform healthcare providers of accurate information on their health and to trust and respect healthcare workers' treatment plans. They also bear the responsibility for consequences from rejecting or withdrawing from medical care in the middle of treatment.

Responsibility not to unlawfully receive medical care

Patients have the responsibility to accurately identify themselves before receiving medical services and not to receive medical care through dishonest or unlawful means such as using other person’s name.

Responsibility to pay medical fees

Patients bear the responsibility to faithfully perform their financial duties signed with the hospital.