Health Promotion Center


High Quality Preventive Medical Service

The Health Promotion Center of CBMC, reliable healthcare provider, offers high-end preventive medical services specialized for each customer based on its customized health screening program.

Personalized Medical Checkup and Specialized Programs

Considering a customer’s past history, lifestyle and family history, the Center provides a personalized health screening program for each customer, while running various screening programs tailored to a customer’s sex, age and area of concern. A counseling nurse recommends the screening program that best fits a customer’s needs.

Best Medical Staff and the Latest Medical Equipment

Examination and radiographic interpretation performed by specialists are reliable. Upgraded PET-CT (New Biograph mCT 128) minimizing exposure radiation dose with CT and MRI allow one-stop service in one space.

Increased Convenience with CHA Smart Screening System

A cutting-edge customer-oriented screening system is in operation with the RFID system minimizing waiting time. Under the system, a customer’s location is sensed and the customer is guided to a next room, while examination progress status can be monitored real-time on kiosk everywhere.

Prompt Coordination of Care and Cooperation between Centers

Abnormal findings on radiographs are promptly reported to a customer. When a customer is suspected of having serious illness, the Centers and medical staff of CBMC immediately coordinate treatment so that a customer receives medical service without any delay.