Parking Location

  • P1

    CHA Bundang Medical Center
    Parking Entrance

  • P2

    Cancer Research Center
    Parking Entrance

  • P3

    CHA Bundang Women Medical
    Center Parking Entrance

Parking Information

Parking Information
Category Cost Note
· Operation (00:00~24:00) · Free of charge within 20mins after you come in
· 3,000 won per 10mins after 20mins
· Maximum parking fee a day: 100,000won
(As of 00:00 on the day)
· Patient for Outpatient dept. and taking a biopsy
· Taking a medical check-up
· Free parking for 4 hrs Use of a parking machine before going out
· Visit for blood collection · Free parking for 2 hrs
· Patients on admission, discharge and Surgery (Inc. special procedure and delivery etc.) · Free of charge for once
(Only one car)
Contact the information desk on the 1st floor of the main building for purchase of a commutation ticket and information on parking area for inpatients.
· Patients for ER visit
· Vehicle for the disabled · 50% off
(Only for those who present the welfare card for the disabled)