Floaters in Eyes? Don’t neglect the signals!! 2022.08.05

Floaters in Eyes? Don’t neglect the signals!!

These days, many patients in our medical center tend to have uncommon things, so-called “Floater”, in eyes, however, actually it should be properly cured, not be determined simply as one word “floater”.

Posterior vitreous detachment, principal cause of floater Posterior vitreous detachment is most common thing in many factors such as vitreous or retina problem make floater happening. As its name means, the back side is detached from vitreous body. The vitreous body is kind of sticky collagen gel. It maintains the shape of eyeball and transmits light between crystalline lens and retina. The vitreous body becomes liquefied followed by losing viscosity and the detached thing remains in eyes as the form of residue. Residues in visual axis are floater.

Posterior vitreous detachment, is it dangerous? How do we deal with it? Posterior vitreous detachment is a natural symptom of aging, generally doesn’t have a severe affect to eyes. However, a few cases of posterior vitreous detachment bring out serious problems. When the sticky vitreous adheres to the retina and falls out, retina can be torn out. Then, the liquid will be filled up through the torn hole and if the forces of separation are strong, rhegmatogenous retinal detachment can be occurred. It may cause symptoms such as floating, flashes and the curtain-like shadow of visual field. And it means you should visit the hospital and have proper treatment immediately.

The barrier laser procedure may be very helpful to delay retinal detachment, however, if some water flow into the retina, then surgical treatment such as vitrectomy or scleral buckling may be necessary.

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