Safe Labor and Delivery in the Safe Hospital CHA Bundang Women’s Medical Center 2023.03.13

Safe Labor and Delivery in the Safe Hospital CHA Bundang Women’s Medical Center

Labor, delivery and recovery in one room

CHA Bundang Women’s Medical Center has renovated the LDR(Labor, Delivery and Recovery Room) rooms in July of 2021. It was the 3rd renovation since the opening CHA Bundang Medical Center in 1995.

CHA Bundang Women’s Medical Center provides LDR (Labor, Delivery and Recovery) rooms, which literally means labor, delivery and recovery happen in one room without moving to any other places. The family such as husband can be together from labor to recovery.

Offering cutting-edge facility for monitoring and recliner for the husband’s comfort

We have renovated the center to labor and deliver in a cozy environment using pastel colors and smooth curves by Alessandro Mendini’s design. Not only the interior is fascinating, but also all of the equipment is various and state-of-the-art. Inside the room, there is a labor monitoring device, a call bell for immediate call to the nurse, a TV and a Bluetooth speaker. Also, the recliner inside the LDR room makes more comfortable to the husband or any other family members.

Professional medical staffs with long career stay in the hospital 24/7

Doctors with long career are staying in CHA Bundang Women’s Medical Center for 24 hours. Nurses with over 10 years of experience, midwives with 20 years of career and obstetricians with specialized in high-risk pregnancy are working as a team. It enables professional and safe care of mothers and newborns. Besides, doctors of obstetrics, anesthesiology and pediatrics stay in the hospital 24/7. As the LDR room is located inside the general hospital, various complications related with childbirth can be treated with multidisciplinary care.

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