Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

Methods of Relief and Comfort for Patients under Extreme Anxiety

The Department of Anesthesia provides the highest-level anesthesia and pain relief care for patients under the value of kindness, safety and reliability. About 30 specialists with rich expertise and experiences are performing cardiovascular, obstetric, cerebrovascular, geriatric, pediatric, painless, intravenous, outpatient and general anesthesia using the best medical technology and the state-of-the-art equipment. Thus, the medical team has created an environment in which patients can undergo procedures with comfort and ease.

The Department of Anesthesia of CHA Bundang Medical Center will make further contribution to safer operation with its surgical anesthesia service at the highest level not only in Korea but also across the world. It will also take the lead in specializing the anesthesia service by dividing them into specific areas such as obstetric, cardiopulmonary and cerebrovascular anesthesia. The staff members are well aware that they are the watchmen who assume the significant responsibility to protect lives of patients while they are asleep, and will continue to devote themselves to this mission.

Creating the Optimal Environment to Give Comfort and Ease to Patients

Patients feel uncomfortable and extremely nervous about going “under the knife” because of surgery itself, anesthesia and pain. Although anesthesia specialists spend a very short moment with patients, they do their best to reassure patients with a smile, a word of kindness, and even a small bit of humor. Some researches revealed that helping patients to feel comfortable before surgery leads to less postoperative complications. Therefore, the medical team makes endless efforts so that such heartwarming moments about surgery remain in patients’ memory when they return to their normal lives.

In the Department of Anesthesia, Every Second Counts and Is Worthy

The medical staff feel the greatest pleasure when an operation is successfully complete under safe anesthesia and the patient leaves OR. The biggest grateful moments for the team are when an emergency patient whose life is at risk receives proper supports and comes to life again, and when a patient says thank you to them for a painless procedure and returns to his or her family safely after surgery. In most cases, patients are still asleep during surgery, but the anesthesia specialists stand by them all throughout the surgery, taking care of them - just like what their families do.