Breast Cancer Center

Precise and rapid screening and best efforts to heal the patient's mind as well as cancer

For the convenience of female patients, the Breast Cancer Center provides a one-stop service including reservation, treatment, examination, and results with all laboratories in the center. The entire medical team is committed to effective treatment, care, and above all, prevention of complications and early diagnosis for the constantly increasing number of breast cancer cases.

Surgery with minimized breast damage for healing the heart

Under the leadership of Dr. Lee Kyung-sik, who has pioneered the field of breast cancer treatment in Korea since the 1960s, we have been conducting the breast reconstruction and preservation surgery to minimize loss of breast that symbolizes women, along with the minimally invasive breast cancer surgery for the area with cancer. And recently, our center aims to cure the heart by minimizing not only physical pain by cancer, but also trauma and loss resulted from cancer.