Oncology Medicine

Integrated Cancer Treatment and Coordination through Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Medical Oncology in Department of Internal Medicine of CHA Bundang Medical Center provides diagnosis and treatment of various types of cancers ranging from lung cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, gynecologic cancer, urologic cancer to pancreatobiliary cancer. The department is staffed with well-experienced clinical specialists in various cancers who are experts in managing cancer-related symptoms in the whole body, not limited to a specific organ.

Close multidisciplinary care that encompasses surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy is extremely essential in the state-of-the-art cancer treatment of the 21st century. Medical Oncology serves as a facilitator to coordinate overall cancer treatment by closely collaborating with other departments based on the latest expertise.

Maximized Outcomes for Cancer Patients through Targeted Therapy

Recently, many excellent targeted therapies have been introduced for cancer treatment, which significantly improved treatment results for cancer patients. Such new targeted agents are highly effective for patients having proper targets. The medical team finds the right target for individual patients and provides suitable targeted therapy, which can maximize efficacy of the treatment while minimizing adverse effects.

Novel Treatment through Clinical Trials for New Drugs

The team offers clinical trials to give patients opportunities to try new drugs that have not been released to the market yet but found to be effective. CHA Bundang Medical Center has many ongoing clinical trials that offer new treatments for patients for whom standard treatments did not work. In addition, some patients may participate in clinical trials despite existing standard treatments in order to find a better treatment options.

One-Day Outpatient Chemotherapy for Cancer Patients

The Outpatient Chemotherapy Center of the Medical Oncology located on the third floor of the Cancer Hospital, is an independent facility dedicated to cancer patients going through cancer treatment and allows them to receive one-day chemotherapy using the outpatient service. In addition, medical oncology specialists are stationed in the unit to provide education for patients and manage adverse effects promptly.