Offering Customized Treatment by Analyzing Each Patient’s Disease and Symptoms

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is the specialty of dentistry that properly diagnoses diseases such as infections, injury, cysts, and tumors in the oral (mouth) and maxillofacial (jaws and face) region, and treats the diseases through surgical procedures while restoring functional and aesthetic aspects of face. The surgeons perform surgeries for tooth extraction, prosthetics, implants, fractures of the jaw and facial bones, and temporomandibular joint disorders as well as orthognathic surgery and facial bone contouring surgery to treat maxillofacial anomalies such as mandibular prognathism, short chin and facial asymmetry.

Periodontics - Implant Surgery and Periodontal treatment of Patients with General Disease

Periodontics is the specialty of dentistry that performs implants, scaling, periodontal treatment, and gingival surgery. Based on the accumulated skill and experience in various implant cases, the medical staff of the Department conducted complicated implant surgeries with the high success rate.

The goal is to provide non-surgical (scaling and root planing) and surgical treatment for periodontitis and paradentitis caused by inflammation of the gums, allowing patients with cardiovascular, kidney, and liver diseases to have a special periodontal therapy through a multidisciplinary cooperation. Besides, the staff focuses on preventive treatments that include whitening treatment, professional brushing and scaling as well.

Conservative Dentistry – Endodontic Re-treatment Saving Natural Teeth and Treatment of Dental Trauma Requiring Continuous Follow-up Treatments

Conservative dentistry provides cavity treatment, root canal treatment, esthetic restoration, dental bleaching, periradicular surgery, and management of dental traumatic injuries. Retreatment is also available for a problem in previously treated tooth.

If a tooth is shaken or damaged due to trauma, an emergency treatment is provided to a patient to minimize side effects, and restore the tooth through continuous observation and treatment. In case that there is a gap between the teeth, or there is an aesthetic aspect related issue with a tooth, the staff restores its condition similar to that of a natural tooth. As for the discolored teeth whether inherited or acquired, dental bleaching is done with a medicine without causing any damage to the patient’s teeth.

Orthodontics – Orthodontic Treatment Satisfying Both Aesthetic and Functional Aspects through 3D Analysis and Precise Treatment Plan

Orthodontics is a medical specialty that provides an orthodontic treatment to both children and adults as well as to a patient who is about to receive or was received bimaxillary surgery. Adults can improve the size discordance of teeth and jaws through the orthodontic treatment, which satisfies both functional and aesthetic aspects. If a permanent tooth remains stuck in gum tissues (impacted tooth), through a precise 3D analysis, the tooth can be moved to its normal position through orthodontics instead of tooth extraction.

An orthodontist offers orthodontic treatment to children for malocclusion prevention, while providing the orthognathic treatment to a patient with chin growth problems. Orthodontic care is also provided before and after bimaxillary operation by cooperating with oral maxillofacial surgeons as well.