Treatment From Medical Skin Care to Professional Skin Cancer

Dermatology of CBMC has strived to provide professional therapy for pediatric and adult skin diseases, while working on education/training and research programs since the foundation of the Medical Center. The Department also offers distinctive skin care treatment, laser therapy and medical skin care.

In recent years, the medical staff of the Department has been committed to research and treatment for scar prevention, anti-aging and cosmetic dermatology care based on stem cell research at CHA Medical Group.

Tailored Professional Treatment of Diverse Skin Diseases

Dermatology of CBMC is playing a major role in management of skin problems with the number of 40,000 outpatients and more than 1,000 cases of skin biopsy and surgery every year.

The specialized clinics are operated for diverse dermatological areas spanning from allergy, atopic dermatitis, acne, skin cancer, psoriasis, pigmentary disorder, vitiligo, alopecia, Behcet’s Disease and laser clinic. For accurate diagnosis, skin biopsy is performed, along with non-surgical and surgical treatment.

The State-of-The-Art Equipment

Dermatology of CMBC, based on their extensive clinical experience, is fully devoted to offering evidence-based, high-quality therapy using the latest laser equipment (IPL, Nd-YAG, CO2, fractional CO2, fractional Er:Glass, fractional RF), along with the phototherapy using narrow band UVB and excimer laser for psoriasis and vitiligo.