One-Day Care System for Treatment, Test and Result Finding

The Department of Endocrinology in Internal Medicine of CHA Bundang Medical Center provides the specialized care for patients with conditions that involve hormonal or metabolic abnormalities such as diabetes, thyroid disease, pituitary disease, adrenopathy, metabolic bone disorders, obesity and hyperlipemia, and tumors in endocrine organs.

Prevention of Complications through Systematic Interdisciplinary Care and Specialized test

  • The department runs the Complications Test Room for early diagnosis of diabetic complications and ensures systematic interdisciplinary care in collaboration with other departments. In addition, the Nutrition Team is stationed in the department to proactively provide diet management programs, which is the most important element in treating diabetes.
  • In case of thyroid nodules, patients receive Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) on the day of visit. If a surgical procedure is necessary, the staff make sure that the best possible treatment can be delivered for patients through immediate collaboration with the Department of General Surgery.
  • For patients with pituitary diseases, the team also does its best to perform fast but accurate diagnosis through an array of biochemical and radiological exams and provide proper treatments.
  • The department makes the best efforts for early diagnosis and treatment for thyroid-related conditions, which is very common among women. It also focuses on the management and treatment for obesity caused by an endocrine disorder and osteoporosis which frequently occurs in the aged population by providing body fat and bone density measurement.

Active Research in Basic and Clinical Fields

The medical team has published dozens of research results in SCI (Science Citation Index) journals and all faculty members are actively engaged in academic activities at home and abroad. Currently, a variety of researches in basic and clinical fields are in the pipeline, demonstrating outstanding passion and achievements of the department.