Specialized and Specific Care and the State-of-the Art Treatment of Digestive Diseases

Fast diagnosis and treatment by proper specialists are essential factors in treating digestive diseases. The Department of Gastroenterology in Internal Medicine of CHA Bundang Medical Center, equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities and patient-oriented environments, proudly offers the best gastroenterology specialists in Korea committed to diagnosis, treatment and overall management of digestive diseases and conditions.

Systematic Multidisciplinary Team Approach and Treatment within 1 Week after Diagnosis

Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Pathology, Oncology and Radiation Oncology departments provide collaborative consultation in a well-aligned manner to provide accurate diagnosis of digestive diseases and one-stop treatment. The medical team also determines what will be the optimal solution for an individual patient and starts the treatment within one week, based on the plan set up by the attending physician.

Subdivided Specialties and Active Academic Activities

The department has subdivided medical teams into each area including ▲gastric disease, ▲intestinal disease, ▲biliopancreatic disease and in order to provide expert diagnosis and care for digestive diseases. Faculty members in each area have received academic awards many times and continuously published literatures in SCI (Science Citation Index) journals every year.

Top-Class Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment at Home and Abroad

The medical team performs therapeutic endoscopy on early-stage gastric cancer, esophageal cancer and colon cancer. If a surgical procedure is not an available option as the cancer progresses, intervention and stent insertion are performed to shorten the period of hospital stay and recovery so that patients can return to normal lives earlier, which increases the quality of life and patient satisfaction.