Infectious Diseases

Fast Response to Infectious Disease and Thorough Management

The Department of Infectious Diseases of CHA Bundang Medical Center leads efforts to prevent, diagnose and treat systemic infectious diseases, identify causes of fever and control hospital-acquired infection to keep patients safe.

Treatment of Systemic Infectious Disease and Antibiotic Management to Prevent Drug-resistant Bacteria

The Department of Infectious Diseases provides treatment for upper respiratory infection such as tonsillitis and pharyngitis; gastrointestinal infection such as respiratory disease, enteritis, typhoid fever and cholera; urinary tract infection such as nephropyelitis and cystitis; and extrapulmonary tuberculosis, lymphnoditis, endocarditis, osteomyelitis, soft tissue infection, sepsis, malaria, febrile disease in autumn and so forth. It performs rapid diagnosis and treatment of fever of unknown origin for which it is hard to find a cause, and deals with HIV infection and AIDS, as well as vaccination of malaria and other diseases for those who plan to travel abroad.

Consultation and collaborative treatment with other departments are an essential element in the field of infection. Working together, the medical staff take immediate measures to treat various types of severe infectious diseases and carry out antibiotic management to ensure the appropriate use of antibiotics and prevent drug-resistant bacteria.

Thorough Management of Hospital-Acquired Infection

Our medical team carries out scientific management to prevent secondary infection for immunocompromised patients admitted to the hospital where various factors that can cause infection exist. The Infection Control Office operated by infectious disease specialists and infection control nurses conducts a hospital infection investigation on a regular basis. Based on the result, the office makes continuous efforts to control hospital-acquired infection rigorously by providing infection management education for medical staff, nurses and other employees at staff-patient contact points to inform them of hand washing, control of environments that can cause infection and so on. Furthermore, the secure and thorough infection management is ensured by making isolation rooms available for patients with infectious diseases so that they can get safe treatments.

Various Researches to Conquer Infectious Diseases

The department will make further endeavors for swift diagnosis, treatment, comprehensive long-term care and preventive measures to tackle both re-emerging infectious diseases like pneumonia and malaria that seemed to have disappeared with the invention of antibiotics but took the human kind aback, and newly emerging infectious diseases like AIDS, SARS, avian influenza and MERS. At the same time, it will do its utmost in various researches to conquer those diseases, spearheading the fierce war between infectious diseases and the humankind that has gone on since the beginning of history.