Laboratory Medicine

Decision Making From Right Therapy Approach to Accurate Prognosis

The Laboratory Medicine Department of CHA Bundang Medical Center, based on the sample of blood, urine and/or other body fluids from a patient, is specialized in conducting various tests and interpreting the test data for clinical departments. The medical team of the Department performs a critical role in deciding therapy approach and prognostic decision making based on the disease diagnosis and assessment, identification of moderate degree and progress.

Prompt and Precise Interpretation with the Tailored Specimen Management 24/7

Laboratory Medicine consists of 8 examination parts that include diagnostic hematology, clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology, diagnostic immunology, blood bank, molecular biochemistry, emergency test and outpatient blood sampling and administrative team to provide precise test results in a prompt manner around the clock.

Medical staffs in each profession take charge of test verification and interpretation, clinical counseling and academic research. Most of the test is conducted with the automated equipment, while test request and result are reported to clinicians in a prompt and precise manner through the electronic information system of laboratory medicine 24/7.

Laboratory Automation

The Department plans to introduce Total Laboratory Automation (TLA) to take laboratory automation to the next level and realize the condition where blood test, biochemical test and immune serum test are performed through one system, allowing outpatients to obtain results within 2 hours after the test and receive proper care on the same day. The Department will also implement internal/external quality control system to maintain our reputation as one of the best laboratories in new certification screening, serving as a central laboratory institution for special test including thrombosis test.