Liver Cancer Center

Overcoming the Current Therapeutic Limits with the Latest Techniques

The Liver Cancer Center of CBMC performs surgical excision, Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), transarterial chemoembolization (TACE), radiotherapy and chemotherapy based on multifaceted treatment strategy, providing more effective treatment under its multidisciplinary cooperation with other departments. The active basic research activities span from the exploration of liver cancer pathophysiology and blood biomarker for early diagnosis for the development of new therapies using stem cell or immunocyte. The Center goes the extra mile to develop the latest therapies, trying to overcome the current therapeutic limitations.

Reduction of Liver Cancer with Prevention of Hepatic Fibrosis, Liver Cirrhosis

The Center manages patients with viral hepatitis and provides antiviral therapies with the focus on prevention and treatment of liver cirrhosis complications and management of patients with chronic liver diseases for early diagnosis. In Korea, it has a high prevalence of chronic hepatitis B infection and the main cause of most liver failures is viral hepatitis, especially chronic hepatitis B infection. However, it is now considered that the rate of hepatitis C type will increase. Chronic liver damage leads to hepatic fibrosis and if the degree of hepatic fibrosis continues to increase, it eventually develops into cirrhosis. The number of patients with alcoholic liver disease and fatty liver is recently on the rise, showing that fatty liver is another main cause of liver disorders.

Education on Dietary and Lifestyle Changes for Hepatitis Patients

The Center not only provides care for patients with liver diseases but also distributes training materials and raise awareness of the importance of preventing hepatitis, while educating local residents on liver failures every year. In an open lecture, the hepatologist advises patients and their families and ordinary people on liver diseases and nutrition information for healthy liver, offering free screening test. The staff works hard to provide comprehensive treatment and management along with diagnosis and education on dietary and lifestyle changes for the increasing number of patients with alcohol liver disease and fatty liver.

Frontrunner in Cutting-Edge Therapies including Stem Cell Treatment

Liver is called “silent organ” as it doesn’t produce any visible symptoms until it is severely damaged. For this reason, it is critical to prevent degradation of liver disorders with continuous management and monitoring. The Center takes the lead in developing the state-of-the-art therapy including stem cell therapy based on clinical research experiences at home and abroad with the latest diagnosis equipment. All members will continue to provide convenient one-stop service, doing best to offer passionate care and comfort for the patients.