Memory Center

The Memory Center that Treats Causes of Memory Loss
Such as Cognitive Dysfunction, Cerebrovascular Disease and Dementia

The memory center of CHA Bundang Medical Center (CBMC), which is the first to treat memory loss in Korea, focuses on neurology, psychiatry and rehabilitation medicine and treats various diseases related to memory impairment such as mild cognitive disorder, dementia, cerebrovascular disease and sleep disorder more professionally and systematically. In addition, a separate laboratory for memory test is opened to minimize patient movement.

Providing medical service in each specialized field

The department of neurology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diverse cerebrovascular disease and rare incurable diseases, including cerebral infarction. Also, patients who have difficulty with remembering due to aging need preventive treatment even though their psychiatric test results related to dementia such as depression, anxiety, delusion, etc. were normal. The department of rehabilitation medicine proposes therapies to patients who need rehabilitative exercise including pain like headache.

Multidisciplinary team made up with neurology, psychiatry, rehabilitation medicine, etc. care patients

Multidisciplinary care which is a cooperation of various departments is started to provide fundamental treatment for memory loss. Doctors from neurology, psychiatry, rehabilitation medicine, family medicine and radiology gather to discuss the patients’ diagnosis and treatment plan. Moreover, nutrition team and physical therapists participate in for dramatic effect. Like above, the Memory Center provides customized programs for patients.

Offering various treatment as No. 1 hospital for memory loss in South Korea

Memory loss can be shown as potential sign of not only dementia, but also other diseases such as cerebrovascular disease, depression, etc. If cognitive declines like forgetfulness by even subjective judgment, it is certainly important to go to the hospital and have some tests. The cause can be one single disease or more since diverse symptoms and diseases can be appeared at the same time. Therefore, the bigger disease can be prevented by finding the cause and cure it through multidisciplinary care.