Monthly 3,000 Cases of Abundant Clinical Experience and Kidney Transplantation That Considers Patient Convenience

The Department of Nephrology in Internal Medicine of CHA Bundang Medical Center is dedicated to providing diagnosis and treatment of various renal diseases such as abnormalities found in urinalysis like hematuria and albuminuria, acute renal disease, diabetic nephropathy, hypertensive nephropathy, polycystic kidney disease, chronic renal disease caused by hypertensive nephropathy or other conditions, electrolyte imbalance and urinary tract infection. 

Outstanding Hemodialysis Unit with the State-of-the Art Facilities

Faculty member physicians and nurses specialized in dialysis are stationed in the Hemodialysis Unit of CHA Bundang Medical Center to provide a higher-level of careful treatment, which allows for the systematic non-stop medical service. The unit uses FMC 5008 only, the latest dialysis system equipped with the cutting-edge technology that controls the machine with artificial intelligence. Its automated dialysis program provides accurate and safe dialysis customized for conditions of individual patients.

Furthermore, it offers the optimal environment for hemodialysis patients by installing the heating reverse osmosis (R/O) system and the water purification system using electro-deionization (EDI) for the first time among university hospitals in Korea, installing hemodialysis chairs and adjustable beds and operating 24-hour Dialysis Support Center and the Arteriovenous fistula Clinic for the first time in Korea.

100% Success in Kidney Transplantation Enabled by the Highest Level of Art of Medicine

Especially, in 2000 CHA Bundang Medical Center succeeded in kidney transplantation for the first time on a patient who lost renal function due to chronic renal failure. Since then, it has recorded 100% success in kidney transplantation.

Transplantation is a surgical procedure that requires the highest level of precision and at the same time it can be successful only if the top-class medical competencies are all combined together in respect of histocompatibility test, examinations and definite diagnosis including postoperative survival rate and postoperative care, and surgical capability. For this reason, transplantation is considered as the masterpiece of the modern medical science and represents the level of medical competence of a hospital. We have kidney transplantation specialists and coordinators to register in KONOS (Korean Network for Organ Sharing) patients with chronic renal failure who need kidney transplant in order to support their kidney transplantation.

Comfortable Environment like Home, with Highly Advanced Medical Technology

The Department of Nephrology in Internal Medicine of CHA Bundang Medical Center will continue to be committed to operating the largest Hemodialysis Unit in the region with more comfortable environments and advanced facilities, thereby promoting the hearth and the quality of life for residents. Furthermore, it will take a leap forward to offer the best nephrology service in Korea with research capabilities of faculty members of CHA University School of Medicine and the state-of-the-art medical technologies such as continuous alternative medicine.