Taking the Lead in Neurological Treatment with Stem Cell and Genetic Research

The Department of Neurology is specialized in diagnosis and treatment of diseases that occur in the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles. Since neurological problems are very comprehensive and diverse, the department is divided into several fields of practice including; stroke, epilepsy, movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia, peripheral neuropathy and muscular disease. In addition, the neurology department also treats patients with demyelination and infections involving central nervous system. Our team has established care systems specialized in stroke, dementia and epilepsy in order to provide more targeted, in-depth treatment for individuals.

Large-Scale National Funds with Outstanding Achievements in Literature and Patent, and Industry-Academia Collaboration

We operate the Stem Cell Research Lab conducting studies on genetic components and stem cell therapy of various neurological diseases. We have granted national funds for the studies which allowed us actively engaged in these studies and industry-academia collaboration. Our achievement is well demonstrated by SCI publications and patent registration.

We are committed to develop novel treatment based on the recent study activities. One of the examples is the on-going stem cell clinical trial for patients with stroke and dementia, under the approval from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Moving ahead, we will continue diverse research and become the frontrunner in treating stroke, dementia and other neurologic diseases using stem cells.

Western-Oriental Integrated Medicine

We offer western-oriental interdisciplinary care by collaborating with the Oriental Medicine Center. The oriental medical department performs acupuncture and herbal medicine therapy.

Intensive Care Unit for Stroke Patients

CHA Bundang Medical Center has a Stroke Unit to provide specialized treatment for patients with acute stroke. It is a semi-ICU operated by multidisciplinary collaboration of Neurology, Neuro-Surgery, Radiology, Emergency Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine exclusively for stroke patients.