Pediatrics Emergency Center

Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics Personnel Stationed 365 Days a Year

The Pediatrics Emergency Center has been designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as the emergency center that offers specialized pediatric emergency care 24/7. Pediatric patients get tailored and specialized treatment, different from the one given to adult patients, at our child-friendly pediatric ward where children and their parents can receive medical care in a comfortable setting.

Children-Friendly Environment

The Center is specially designed for pediatric treatment and runs the ward, examination room and negative pressure isolation room exclusively created for pediatric patients, along with the breastfeeding room for mothers and infants and waiting room for family.

Immediate Pediatric Care 24/7

A team of pediatric specialists are stationed at the Center 24/7. Beds in reserve and intensive care unit only for pediatric patients have been designated for rapid admission and emergency surgery for pediatric patients with critical illness.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Emergency Pediatric Cases 365 Days a Year

When emergency operation is needed for patients with intussusception or accident-related injuries, medical imaging examination is available 24 hours, while pediatrists and specialists are always prepared to offer pediatric and interventional treatment. The staff also performs endoscopic examination in children who swallowed a coin or a battery in partnership with local hospitals.

Cooperation for Pediatric Patients with Severe Symptoms

The Center is aimed at treating critically ill pediatric patients who already received primary care at the local Pediatrics. A hotline is in operation for hospitals, emergency centers and pediatric after-hour clinics in Southeastern part of Gyeonggi Province so that our children get safe treatment even at night and on public holidays.