Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery to Restores Functions, Appearance and Overall Quality of Life, Going Beyond Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

The Department of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery of CHA Bundang Medical Center has a team of faculty with rich clinical experiences and is equipped with the cutting-edge facilities as a university hospital. The medical staff are stationed at the hospital even at night, which makes it possible to take immediate response to emergency cases. The mission of the surgical team is to enhance the quality of life for patients by restoring functionality that needs to be improved, rather than just simple aesthetic appearance.

Trustworthy Specialists to Rely upon

The team provides specialized care for different type of plastic surgery. The experts perform procedures that are really essential for a patient’s sake and do not suggest unnecessary surgery while still capturing unique beauty of individuals. The plastic surgery team at the university hospital consists of surgeons with different specialties and advanced medical systems. Together, we deliver the highest-quality reliable aesthetic and reconstructive care for patients.

Cosmetic Surgery to Enhance Appearance

The department has a group of cosmetic surgeons with aesthetic know-how acquired for decades. We deliver the best possible results in the fields of their own specific specialties, ranging from eye surgery where as small as 1mm will make a difference for natural beauty, nose surgery that creates harmony in the overall face, facial rejuvenation for younger-looking appearance to facial bone contouring for balanced and beautiful facial structure.

Reconstructive Surgery to Restore Physical Functionality and Correct Defects to Improve Quality of Life

The reconstructive surgery team performs various types of procedures to restore physical functionality such as hair transplantation, scalp resurfacing, cleft lip and palate, trauma to head and neck, burn, chronic wound and scar care. Such procedures not only bring about aesthetic effects but also help patients to feel comfortable with their appearance, regain self-confidence and as a result, improve the quality of life on their own.

Reconstruction of Breasts, the Symbol of Feminine Beauty

Well-experienced female faculty members specialized in breast surgery provide different options from breast augmentation, reduction to reconstruction. In the area of breast reconstruction, in particular, the team works closely together with the staff at the Department of Breast Cancer Surgery to perform autologous reconstruction using fat or tissues from the belly or the back, or implant reconstruction for women who underwent mastectomy as part of their breast cancer treatment. Since surgeons who provide consultation and perform the procedure are also women, they can understand what their patients are going through and patients find it easier to talk to them and receive treatment from female doctors.