Post Natal Care Center

Specialized Medical Team Provides Postpartum Care for a Quick Recovery

The postpartum period refers to the first six weeks beginning right after a mother gives birth to a baby, during which the mother regains her strength. Traditionally in Korea, this period is regarded as a crucial time in which all the physical changes that the mother has experienced during pregnancy and labor come back to her prenatal status including the uterus. Therefore, it requires extra care for every aspect of the mother’s daily life including food, physical exercise and shower.

Recently, the definition of the postnatal care has been extended to cover helping the mother recover from physical and emotional pains from childbirth and prepare for breast-feeding and other roles as a mother, not just recovering her physical conditions.

The Postnatal Care Center at CBMC provides a comfortable and safe environment along with specialized postpartum care for mothers for the first one or two weeks after delivery. In the facilities built with environmentally-friendly materials, the medical team composed of highly trained faculty in obstetrics and pediatrics, nurses and technicians provide excellent, heartfelt care for mothers and babies around the clock.

The postpartum care is recognized by many foreign patients who have used our services for its excellence and professionalism. As a member of the best women’s hospital in Korea, the Center will continue to play a role as a trailblazer in this field of care, introducing our proud postpartum care culture to mothers from around the world.

10 Reasons to Choose the Postnatal Care Center at CHA Bundang Medical Center

Only Postpartum Care Center in Korea Connected to an internationally recognized JCI-certified Hospital

  • Safe environment approved by strict internationally standards
  • Separate programs for mothers from foreign countries
  • Interpreter services for some languages (Russian, Mongolian, etc.)
  • Fast referral for treatment at the CHA Bundang Medical Center, if required

Reinforced Safety & Infection Control

  • Thorough ID check on newborns and kidnapping prevention training
  • Constant monitoring by the infection control office
  • Daily ultraviolet ray sterilization and cleaning of the newborn units

24/7 Neonatal Care by Specialized Nurses

  • All nurses trained in obstetrics or pediatrics

Breast-feeding and Breast Care Services by International Breast-feeding Experts

  • Systematic management and counseling about breast-feeding and newborn care via one-to-one trainings
  • Breast care through the Oketani method of breast massage

Discount for Mothers Who Delivered a Baby at CHA Bundang Women’s Hospital

  • Discount on the Postnatal Care Center fees and postnatal care fees

Various Training Programs for Mothers Provided by Expert Instructors

  • Offering a variety of training programs (for mothers and their husbands) provided by professors (in obstetrics, pediatrics and oriental gynecology), nurses, nutritionists, yoga instructors, etc.

Differentiated Postnatal Nutrition Management with Personalized Diet Programs

  • Conducting regular nutrition counseling with dietitians
  • Meal rounding
  • Providing a personalized meal plan to foreigners

Pleasant Environment Using Cutting-edge HVAC Filter and Air Purifier Systems

  • Using HEPA filters to prevent infection and create a pleasant environment

Strict Hygiene Management of Linen

  • Washing and drying linen at 120˚C

Achieved Top Grades in Infection Control, Safety, Fire Prevention and Indoor Air Quality Tests

  • World-class postnatal care center with environmentally-friendly interior and sanitary systems
  • Performing fire safety management and firefighting drills
  • Conducting regular HVAC system cleaning, disinfection and indoor air quality tests

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