Radiation Oncology

Removal of Cancer with the State-of-the-Art Radiation Device

The Department of Radiation Oncology of CHA Bundang Medical Center provides nonsurgical radiotherapy for cancer treatment. It is equipped with the latest radiotherapy solutions and facilities to allow for the optimal treatment of cancer that occurs in any region of the body. Furthermore, medical faculty and radiology technicians, as well as employees who manage the entire process from consultation to treatment, are all experts with more than 10 years of experience. They work side-by-side to take the full charge of individual patients to create optimal and reliable treatment for individual patients with any cancer.

Introduction of Advanced Radiotherapy Treatment Machines with the Cutting-Edge Technology

The department offers world-class radiotherapy equipment such as 6-dimensional Novalis radiosurgery with high precision, linear accelerator capable of 360-degree rotation (RapidArc), CT simulator, Brachytherapy solution and real-time patient positioning solution. The state-of-the-art computer system for radiotherapy planning is also available for patients to provide the optimally customized radiotherapy for individual patients.

First Brachytherapy to Treat Prostate Cancer in Korea, with the Largest Number of Clinical Cases

Brachytherapy is well-recognized method in the world that implants radioactive sources (radio isotope I-125) permanently so that they remain in place. The team introduced Brachytherapy in 2007 for the first time in Korea, and since then, it has achieved outstanding clinical results by performing more than 300 cases to treat patients with prostate cancer.