Rehabilitation Medicine

Treatment of Children with Cerebral Palsy and Rehabilitation for Men and Women of All Ages

The Rehabilitation Department of CBMC is to provide rehabilitation for spinal cord injury, stroke, and head injury along with the dedicated service of pediatric rehabilitation, amputee rehabilitation, pain rehabilitation and rehabilitation for the aged and athletes. The Department also offers early rehabilitation program for developmental disability and cerebral palsy through regular follow-up care of high risk infants in cooperation with Pediatrics.

World’s First to Treat Cerebral Palsy with Cord Blood

Professor Min-young Kim successfully treated cerebral palsy with cord blood stem cell transplant. Patients who had cord blood transplants generally showed improved activities of daily living, motor capacity and cognitive ability, while cell density in the area of brain responsible for motor and sensory nerves also increased. It has been approved that cord blood from someone else can be transplanted when immune system is compatible. This is a remarkable achievement in that it has approved real effects of stem cell therapy for brain damage that has been regarded as irreversible.

Customized Rehabilitation Program

The team of highly skilled rehabilitation therapists is stationed in therapy rooms equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities to satisfy the needs of the patients with the best possible rehabilitation service through the eastern and western medicine combined. We have 7 rehabilitation therapy rooms that include outpatient therapy, special therapy, rehabilitation center, occupational therapy, language therapy and pediatric therapy The Our main priority is to ensure that inpatients and outpatients receive professional and personalized care.

The staff will continue to work hard to maximize treatment effects with the in-depth research on cognitive rehabilitation, assessment and training of visual perception, brain plasticity of immature brain and treatment possibility and rehabilitation of the patients with brain injury, using stem cell as well as clinical application.