Advanced Treatment for Rheumatism

The Department of Rheumatology in Internal Medicine of CHA Bundang Medical Center is committed to delivering diagnosis and researches in the field of rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, lupus, Sjögren’s syndrome and Behcet's disease. CHA Bundang Medical Center has been at the forefront as a general hospital in providing western and oriental collaborative consultation. Against the backdrop, since it opened the Department of Rheumatism in Internal Medicine in 2004, the staff in western and oriental medicines have vigilantly worked together to provide the highest-level care for diseases that are difficult to treat and involve various conditions.

Furthermore, the rheumatologists offer treatment for systemic sclerosis, inflammatory muscle disease, vasculitis, fibromyagia and other diseases. When a patient visits the hospital, the medical team provides accurate diagnosis based on radiography, nuclear medicine imaging including bone scan, various immunological tests including immunoglobulins and autoimmune antibodies, and biopsy on the affected region, as well as in-depth check on medical history of the patient.

Various programs are in place for patient education and management, given that rheumatism requires long-term follow-up observation and care. For this reason, the department offers open class for patients and self-help programs for small groups of patients with Behcet's disease, lupus, vasculitis or other conditions to help them with continuous self-care in daily lives. Such programs are well received among patients and their families.

Going further, the medical team will continue to maximize patient convenience by developing the standardized treatment process for patients with rheumatism ranging from outpatient service, admission, examinations, manipulation and outpatient care after discharge.