Thyroid Cancer Center

Top medical staff for accurate and prompt thyroid cancer treatment

The Thyroid Cancer Center at CHA Bundang Medical Center(CBMC) makes efforts to provide exact and fast examinations and best treatment for thyroid cancer, the second largest female cancer in Korea.
For rapid and accurate thyroid cancer screening, we have a one-stop service system integrating treatment and checkup. And after diagnosis, patients can receive surgery rapidly without anxiety caused by wait time.

Multidisciplinary team approach including surgery, otolaryngology, head and neck surgery, internal medicine, and radiology

Multidisciplinary team with clinical experts in surgery, otolaryngology, internal medicine, and radiology is offered to check thyroid disorders rapidly and build the therapeutic plan from operation to treatment. Such treatment approach makes it possible to realize safe high-level treatment and surgery for locally invasive thyroid cancer or metastatic cancer, which spreads to larynx, bronchus, and recurrent laryngeal nerve, with minimized complications. In addition, we are actively performing robotic and endoscopic surgery for thyroid to minimize scars.
On top of that, the quality of life of patients who undergo surgery can be improved through our careful management and treatment such as voice therapy and injection laryngoplasty to prevent voice changes, recurrent nerve damage, and vocal cord paralysis.