Thyroid Cancer Center

Accurate and prompt treatment of thyroid cancer with top-tier medical experts in Korea

To diagnose a rising number of thyroid cancer cases, we have established laboratories and exam rooms in one place for one-stop service that enables prompt and precise treatment to be carried out.
After the diagnosis, surgery is performed in a short time to minimize the psychological anxiety of cancer patients that may occur due to long waiting time.

Multidisciplinary care providing from general surgery, otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, internal medicine, radiology, etc.

Including doctors from general surgery and otolaryngology-head & neck surgery who had plenty of experiences of thyroidectomy and doctors from internal medicine & radiology who check the function of thyroid gland before & after the surgery, a lot of doctors from various departments get together to provide multidisciplinary care with immediate and accurate treatment to each thyroid cancer patient. Through the multidisciplinary care, it is able to perform highly advanced treatment such as removal of the tumor with severe local invasion to larynx, bronchial tubes, recurrent laryngeal nerve, etc. or metastasized tumor, minimizing the complications of surgery. Also, thyroid cancer surgeries are actively operated to minimize the scar through robot and laparoscope.

We manage to improve the quality of life through detailed management and treatment such as voice therapy, injection laryngoplasty, etc. to prevent from voice change, damage of recurrent laryngeal nerve and vocal cord paralysis after surgery.