Transplantation Surgery

A Multidisciplinary Team Approach for Organ Transplant including Transplantation Surgeons, Internists and Organ Transplantation Coordinators

To provide a systematic and thorough transplant program, we created a professional multidisciplinary team that includes physician, surgeon, urologist, radiologist and anesthetist, providing one-stop medical services with the support from assisting departments. From the first evaluation, organ transplantation registration to surgery, patients are provided with a methodical and well-organized transplant program.

Organ transplantation surgery is performed on patients with liver and kidney failure. As part of the Department’s patient-oriented treatment process, not only surgical operations are performed but also a special ward is operated to provide extra cares to patients who have a weak immune system following transplantation surgery by separating them from other patients with infectious diseases and providing them with early treatment. The staff provides patients with a tailored immunosuppressive therapy based on a regular treatment schedule even after their discharge from the hospital, supporting the patients to lead a healthier life through various educational programs.

Transplantation offering a Second Chance at Life

Kidney transplantation is the organ transplant of a healthy kidney into a patient with chronic renal failure, and it is considered one of the best ways to treat chronic kidney failure. After a successful kidney transplant, the recipient can get back to work and lead a healthy life with his/her family.

Liver transplantation is regarded difficult since artery, portal vein and bile passage of a donor’s liver should be articulately connected to those of a recipient; however, both success rates and survival rates have been on the rise, thanks to the development of surgical techniques and medicine. As success rates and survival rates of liver transplantation are high, it is deemed as one of the treatments for liver failure, not as a last resort.

Financial Support Consultation for Transplantation

Korean law regulates that transplantation surgery should be performed in a humanitarian sprit and for the altruistic purpose. In accordance with the Korean law, we conduct an organ transplantation evaluation including verification of the donor-recipient relationship as well as the purpose and motivation of the organ donation to eliminate any illicit factor from the surgery. Organ recipients, donors and their family members are advised on the obstructive factors of the surgery. During the counseling, the Social Work Team of CBMC considers psychosocial and economic issues of transplantation, consulting on financial issues including pre-transplant examination fee or transplant operation cost.