Chang, Byeong Chul

Department & Title

Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery,


Heart valve disease, Atrial fibrillation, Coronary artery disease


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Major Professional Experiences (Residency, Internship)

  • Professor of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery in CHA Bundang Medical Center
  • Director of Severance Cardiovascular Hospital
  • Residency in Severance Hospital
  • Internship in Severance Hospital

Postdoctorial Fellowship

  • Evarts A. Graham Memorial Traveling Fellowship of The American Association of Thoracic Surgery
  • University of Washington
  • Stanford University

Academic Activity

  • The American Association for Thoracic Surgery
  • Medical industry committee of Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Policy and practice committee of public health technique of Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • (Past) President of Korean Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
  • The Korean Society of Medical Informatics
  • The Asia-Pacific Society for Artificial Organ (APSAO)
  • Secretary-general of Asia Academy of Heart Valve Disease
  • WHO Consultant : Stroke and Heart attack project in Mongolia

Other Activities

  • World’s first development of principle and treatment of atrial fibrillation (1998)
  • Korea’s first success of heart transplantation after assist device implantation (2000)
  • Korea’s first success of robotic surgery of cardiac valves (2006)
  • Cardiac surgeries more than 6,000 cases