Jung, Sang Geun

Department & Title

Gynecologic Cancer Center, Associate professor


Gynecologic oncology, Davinci robotic surgery, Cervical cancer, Ovarian cancer, Peritoneal cancer, Solenoma, Gestational villus disease, Ovarian tumor, Laparoscopic surgery, Cervical dysplasia


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AM 2nd week

Women's Medical CenterMedical Clinic


Areas of Research

  • Carinogenesis of Ovarian Cancer, Cancer Stem Cells

Major Professional Experiences (Residency, Internship)

  • Associate Professor, Comprehensive Gynecologic Cancer Center, Bundang CHA Medical Center, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea

Postdoctorial Fellowship

  • Harvard University, Brigham & Women's Hospital Research Follow

Academic Activity

  • Member, Korean Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Member, Korean Society of Gynecologic Oncology
  • Member, Korean Cancer Association