Cancer Research Center

From Prevention to Follow-up Care, Going beyond Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

The CBMC Advanced Cancer Research Center of CHA University of Medicine and Science pursues lifelong care for patients from cancer prevention all the way to follow-up care, going beyond cancer diagnosis and treatment. Inside CBMC, the Center has its independent building dedicated to cancer patients including outpatient clinic and chemotherapy treatment room. The Advanced Cancer Research Center established a patient-oriented holistic treatment system through multidisciplinary team approach.

· Establishment of Patient-oriented Advanced Treatment System

  • Integrated multidisciplinary treatment clinic that enables fast collaboration among different departments
  • Chemotherapy treatment room focusing on outpatients that provides comfortable environments
  • State-of-the-art radiotherapy equipment in place

· Research-driven Clinical Treatment of Advanced Medicine

  • Application of highly advanced cancer treatment including oncothermia, Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) and stem cell and immune cell therapy
  • Exchange and joint research with CHA University of Medicine and Science, CHA Bio Complex in Pangyo, CHA Cancer Institute and CHA Cancer Prevention Research Institute

· Treatment Specialized in Cancer Recurrence and Metastatic Cancer

  • Specific cancer centers and clinics that offer specialized treatment in cancer recurrence and metastatic cancer
  • Active pain management for cancer patients

· Holistic care to improve the quality of life

  • Special clinics in place for mental health, lymphedema, etc.

· Personalized cancer prevention and lifelong management

  • Collaboration with the Clinical Genomics Center for early diagnosis of cancer and prevention of recurrence/metastasis
  • Cancer prevention and early diagnosis customized for individual patients
  • Periodic follow-up care for patients in cancer remission