Neurological Center

World’s Prominent Clinical Performance in Parkinson’s Disease and Brain Tumor

The Neurological Center has the top medical specialists from an array of fields, including neurosurgery, neurology, rehabilitation medicine, radiology and anesthesia. The center ensures close consultation among relevant departments to treat brain diseases of the nervous system from an acute stage to a chronic stage (brain tumor, cerebrovascular disease, dementia, movement disorders, peripheral neuropathy, etc.). Furthermore, as quick diagnosis and treatment are essential in fighting brain and nervous system diseases, it provides one-stop service from diagnosis, pharmacotherapy, surgical treatment, rehabilitation to continuous management and prevention.

· 24-hour emergency treatment on call available

Specialized medical teams in areas such as neurosurgery, neurology and radiology are on call, which makes correct diagnosis and treatments possible. The Center can handle emergency surgery necessary for patients with traumatic brain injury, acute brain hemorrhage or cerebral infarction, as well as thrombolysis, endovascular surgery and other operations. It is also equipped with Emergency ICU (Intensive Care Unit), Neuro Surgery ICU and Stroke ICU where patients with brain and nervous system diseases can be treated after emergency surgery, thereby providing the acute care service for emergency patients.

· Various treatment and research of brain tumor

The Center has successfully performed various surgical techniques as below, led by Prof. Cho Gyeonggi and Prof. Kim Hangyu, renowned surgeons in the area of brain tumor treatment

  • The first brain tumor surgery in the world that was performed through incision on eyebrow, awake surgery to preserve brain functions
  • Precision tumorectomy(tumor removal) using a brain tumor marker developed by the Center for the first time in the world
  • Safe tumor removal using mobile intraoperative CT
  • Tumor removal using only endoscopy without open craniotomy
  • Korea’s first glioblastoma treatment using autologous dendritic cells

· Future-oriented clinical research on intractable diseases

  • World’s first clinical trial of Parkinson’s disease medication using fetal midbrain-derived neural progenitor stem cells
  • Clinical research on the use of immune cell therapy (NK Cell: Natural Killer Cell) for patients with recurrent glioblastoma and the development of suicide gene-transferred stem cell treatment for glioblastoma, jointly with Ajou University Hospital
  • Active clinical research on stem cell treatment for patients with acute cerebral infarction