Joint Disease & Reconstruction Center

Treatment Provided by Professors Specialized in Each Joint Problems

In the Joint Disease & Reconstruction center, faculty members well recognized for their medical achievements at home and abroad provide specialized treatment while focusing on clinical and preclinical medical research based on the latest knowledge obtained through active academic research and exchange with foreign institutions. Especially, the Center is dedicated to in-depth researches and treatments in areas including hip or knee joint replacement arthroplasty, knee & shoulder arthroscopy, hand & foot surgery and sports-related injury.

· Primary (partial/total) and revision replacement arthroplasty for hip, knee, shoulder, and elbow joints.

· Joint sparing reconstruction by corrective osteotomy for each joint.

· Treatment of knee and shoulder joint using arthroscopy

· Treatment focusing on deformity correction, together with functional improvements to care foot & ankle problems

· Treatment of problems in the hand that requires precision surgical technology

· Sports injury care to reduce the possibility of recurrence and support fast recovery

· Biological treatment of joint diseases using stem cells or biomaterials.